10 things to do in Blackpool

  • 10 things to do in Blackpool

    Blackpool is a popular seaside destination on the Irish Sea coast of England. It was built in 1894 and has a variety of attractions for tourists. So, if Blackpool is your next spot for summer fun, here are the top 10 things you can do and make your trip a memorable one.

    1. The Beach

    The Blackpool beach provides some traditional English summer fun for the families. Children can play in the sand and build sand castles while parents enjoy the golden sand and soothing sun. We recommend you to go there early in the day, spend a wonderful picnic and enjoy the beautiful sunset before returning.

    1. The Promenade

    Strolling down the promenade is fun and nothing to be missed especially if this is your first visit to the Blackpool beach. You can explore the seaside town and learn new things about it. In 2011, the seafront was regenerated and has now a very eye-catching art installation with pebble-shaped seats.

    1. The Three Piers

    Blackpool beach has three piers which are full of exciting activities. The North Pier was built in 1863, the Central was built in 1864 and the South Pier was built in 1890. The most prominent of all is the Central pier as it is 100 feet high and can be seen from a very long distance. Some of the rides on the piers may require you to pay a minimal amount for the rides.

    1. Penny Farm

    Penny Farm is the right place for you to have fun with animals. Penny farm has volunteers who will guide you around the farm. Dale’s Trails is also a fun activity, recently introduced around the Penny Farm. Families can have a lot of fun on Penny farms they can play games, enjoy BBQ and a bouncy castle.

    1. The Blackpool Illuminations

    The Blackpool illuminations are one of the most popular illuminations since 1879. In those days, these illuminations were described as ‘’ the artificial sunshine’’. A ‘’ ride the Lights’ event is organised every year, when the organisers close the road along the Promenade and only cyclists are allowed. This event lasts until November.

    1. Stanley Park

    It has historical buildings, beautiful gardens, and many fun-filled activities for children. Families can come for a picnic in the garden and have a lunch or they can come here at night and enjoy some live music while doing BBQ. There is a very beautiful lake nearby where children can play and feed the ducks, ride on slides, see-saws, and rocking horses.

    1. The Blackpool Tower

    One can always admire the beautiful architecture of the Blackpool tower from the outside as it won’t cost you anything.

    1. Comedy Carpet

    Just across the black pool tower is a new attraction for tourist, ‘Comedy Carpet’. This is a big place where public art is displayed. This place is fun for people who have a taste in popular jokes, songs and catchphrases often used by the famous writers and comedians of England.

    1. The Grundy Art Gallery

    Gundy Art Gallery is the famous art gallery in the Blackpool Park. This art gallery is the perfect place to quench the thirst of budding artists and painters. It has some beautiful paintings of Victorian Oil and water colour.

    1. The Blackpool Air Show

    This air show takes place on the 10th and 11th of August. It showcases a wide range of airplanes and crafts including RAF Red Arrows, performing aerobatic displays.

    Blackpool can be a fun place if you know where to go.

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