What is the best type of burglar alarm for the home?

  • What is the best type of burglar alarm for the home?

    A well-fitted alarm system is important if you do not want to be a victim of burglary. According to a survey by London’s Metropolitan Police, the burglar alarms are important and a worthwhile investment.

    To buy the best type of burglar alarm for your home, you need to consider many things including the type of alarm you want and your budget. There are many types of burglar alarms available in the UK.

    A brief description is below:

    Wireless alarm systems

    There are wireless or cordless alarm systems available in the market. They are battery powered sensors that communicate by using radio signals. They are easy to install and not much of a hassle. You can even install it yourself. The removal of the wireless alarm system is also very convenient if you are moving the house. Although these look nice and sophisticated but are a bit expensive. The one with wires are less expensive but are difficult to install as you need an electrical connection nearby.

    Bells-only burglar alarms

    Bells – only burglar alarms have a very loud noise and will hopefully alert someone in the area to take some action. It can also scare the intruder and he will run off himself. Unlike other alarms, it cannot contact the owner itself or leave a text message. So you are never sure if anything can be done about it or not.

    Dialler-Burglar alarm

    A dialler- burglar alarm will contact you or the designated numbers when it will go off. Most dialler alarms can save three to seven numbers so that if one number does not pick up it can automatically dial the next one. As soon as the message is delivered to one of the numbers it will not dial the subsequent numbers. There are two types of dialler- burglar alarms:

    1. Speech diallers

    Speech diallers call your designated numbers from your landline. This means that you have to place the alarm at a position so that it can be connected to your landline by using wires.

    1. GSM diallers

    GSM diallers are a more sophisticated form of dialler-burglar alarms. It makes use of mobile signals to contact you. Thus you do not need to connect it with a landline.  You have to buy a SIM card for the alarm and top it up with some credit all the time. So that it can make a call whenever needed.

    You should always keep your burglar alarm well-maintained by burglar alarm monitoring contracts. By regular maintenance, regular defects will be highlighted and removed so that it does not cause any inconvenience to you or your family. Thus, it gives you a peace of mind when you are out of the home and a readiness for any situation if anything goes wrong.

    Keeping your burglar alarm maintained by professionals is required by some insurance companies and is also a requirement in the monitoring contact.

    Is it worth installing a DIY Burglar Alarm?


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