Blackpool Pleasure Beach a Fun Day Out

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach a Fun Day Out

    Blackpool pleasure beach is one of the most thrilling and exciting amusement parks in Britain. The remarkable Black pool pleasure beach, also known as pleasure beach resort, is situated along the Fylde Coast in Blackpool. Blackpool pleasure beach has almost everything for the people of all age groups and interests. This park has world’s most remarkable and thrilling rollercoasters, outstanding shows, and UK’s only Nickelodeon Land. Collectively, these all make the park such a complete entertainment package and make the visit of the tourists to Blackpool one delightful affair to remember.

    Below, have a look at some of the most stirring features of this park:

    Rides: Blackpool pleasure Beach Park should be the foremost option for the lovers of adventurous rides to visit. It has a total of 11 roller coaster rides, that is the highest throughout U.K. Apart from the world’s highest and fastest roller coasters, this park also has various thrill rides, water rides, family rides, and nickelodeon land rides to offer its visitors.

    If you are planning to visit this park, then do not forget to experience of everyone’s most favorite “Grand National”. This is an iconic wooden rollercoaster that has been offering a pleasing experience for families from the last 70 years.

    The Nickelodeon land: This part of the Blackpool is supreme suitable for the visiting families. This is a specified 6- acre land in the midst of the pleasure park with a lot of rides, gift shops, stalls, gaming zone, and a restaurant for the most remarkable dining experience ever. Moreover, here in this zone, you are welcomed by the characters of nickelodeon family that makes your visit to pleasure beach even more memorable and enjoyable.

    Other Entertainment options at the park: Apart from the rides and family nickelodeon land, black pool Pleasure Park also has some theatre shows that are performed ever so often. One of the most famous and everyone’s favorite is Hot ice show. It a seasonal show that is performed at “THE ARENA” since 1936. Even after this long span of time, hot ice is liked and appreciated by almost everyone who watches it. Other seasonal shows and theatrical performances at the black pool include Evolution of Magic, Mentalist Hypnotist, Russ Brown’s Carnival of Magic, and a Remarkable Dancing Water Show.

    Besides, there is also an adventure golf club, a museum consisting of odd displays, a haunted walkthrough attraction, an interactive horror maze, A large ice rink arena, an educational Academy, a Sandcastle type Water Park and much, much more for you to see.

    Recently, the Blackpool pleasure beach has been awarded with the ‘traveler’s choice award 2017.’ After this description, I think you have no reason as to why you should not plan your next holiday here.


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