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CCTV offers safety and security, and delivers a clear return on investment. Some of the main features of the systems we can install are as follows;

  • Single and multi camera systems
  • Day/Night cameras with infra-red
  • Internal and external vandal resistant cameras
  • Fully functional (PTZ) dome cameras
  • 24 hour remote video monitoring via a central station
  • Smart phone app for remote viewing
We offer three types of system to meet each client's need and budget. 
IP CCTV is now well established within the industry, and as such we have embraced it, recognising the outstanding performance and picture quality achieved by it. Image quality is up to three times the resolution of the best analogue cameras on the market.
We cable the system on it's own network using CAT5e/CAT6 cable, so there's no need to use or interrupt your existing IT network.
One of the most important features of IP systems is that the image quality does not degrade when being played back. This is especially important when images are being called upon for police evidence. We can also integrate your CCTV with an intruder alarm
If you already have an existing analogue system in place that is wired in conventional cable, we can install a High Definition system. The first benefit of this is that we can use the existing coax cable, so there's no need to run all new wires. Then like the IP systems you can benefit from sharp 1080P HD images. This is ideal for applications where identifying individuals is needed.
We also offer a Hybrid CCTV system. This is the perfect solution if you wish to migrate from an analogue system to a HD system without having to pay to renew all of the equipment at once. By replacing your existing DVR with a hybrid HD DVR, you can still keep your existing cameras connected to it. Then as you add new cameras, or replace old ones, you can do this using HD cameras.
Analogue systems still remain hugely popular. They offer a good low cost solution to suit a wide range of applications, and are extremely flexible in their uses and environments.

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intruder alarms preston