The History of Blackpool Football Club

  • The History of Blackpool Football Club

    There aren’t many football clubs in England that can be proud of having a history that is as vast as the one behind Blackpool FC, an English football club that is now competing in the second English Championship League.

    What started as a church club was known as Victoria FC in 1877 led to the rise of one of the most authentic, original and historic football clubs in the world. This was also the year when the name was changed under the chairmanship of Mr Samuel Bancroft that gave the name himself. The first-time people saw the iconic tangerine-black striped football kits was in 1923 when Blackpool drew against Oldham Athletic in the opening game of the new season.

    The Iconic Shades of Tangerine and Some of The Most Notable Achievements

    Even though the shade of tangerine was not what the club was looking for in their first seasons, it soon wore off as a tradition that the brand had at the time. There have been many new shades of tangerine, but the colour has always been kept in combination with black – which is one more fact that speaks a lot about the tradition of Blackpool FC.

    Some of the most notable achievements of the club include winning the 1953 FA Cup Final against Bolton Wanderers (4-3) and making three FA Cup Final appearances in six years during the 1950s. The best position that the club had, on the other hand, was a runner-up to Manchester United in the Football League First Division in the 1955-56 season.

    There were many names that crowned the national jersey as well, especially in 1953, when even four Blackpool players were in the England team against Hungary, causing many positive rumours about the dominance of the club in the English football.

    Promotion Winners in Every Division Of The Football League So Far

    What is also notable for Blackpool is that even though its fortunes have varied since the 1950s, it is among the few clubs to have won promotion from every division of the Football League via the playoff system.

    Today, Blackpool’s iconic tangerine colored kits speak for the long tradition of the club. Blackpool’s motto is Progress – and their biggest rivals are Preston North End, with matches between the two clubs being known as the West Lancashire derby.


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